Landlord Liens

In Colorado, landlords of apartments, rooms and trailer space automatically have a lien against some of the personal property of a tenant for the amount of any unpaid rent. Unfortunately, the statute creating this lien is vague and somewhat ambiguous. A landlord should cautiously exercise these lien rights to avoid exposure to damage claims or loss of the lien altogether. 

A landlord wanting to enforce a landlord's lien by seizure, foreclosure, and/or proceedings against abandoned property should not rely solely on the information provided in this guide. The legal procedures must be followed carefully. Assistance from an attorney is advised.

Additional Information

For more information or to file a complaint, contact the Colorado Civil Rights Commission at 303-894-2997 or the United States Fair Housing Enforcement Center at 303-672-5437.

Note: This is intended only to be a guide for both landlord and tenant. This information is provided to you as a service of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. Should you still need further assistance in regard to legal matters mentioned in this guide, please contact an attorney of your choice.