Sheriff's Culinary Program

The culinary program of the Pueblo County Detention Facility is managed by Trinity Services Group (a private contractor). Working out of a state of the art kitchen built in conjunction with the new dormitory completed in 2006, the staff from Trinity supervise up to 15 inmates who prepare, cook, and serve as many as 1,800 meals a day for the staff and inmates of the Pueblo County Detention Facility. Inmates working as trustees in the culinary program can work toward and receive food service work certification.  Trinity Services Group offers Trinity Takeout which is a program in which hot food items are available to inmates to purchase.  The Trinity Takeout hot food items can also be purchased for inmates by their loved ones through the Trinity Takeout Website.

Send hot foods to your loved one at the Pueblo County Detention Center order on the Trinity Takeout Website.

Image of jail kitchen showing food trays being served